Just Another Apocalypse Diary: Day 1           (Short Story Series)

Apologies for the delay in getting my horror fiction reblogs started. Christmas and all that. I’ve been keeping up with an ongoing story called ‘A Survivor’s Apocalypse Story’ by Paul.E.Bailey and discovered that it originated from here. Intrigued, I returned to the source and I can see why Paul was so greatly influenced. This is a worthy first reblog. I hope you enjoy it!

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When you finish this story and want to continue the Zombieness, check outPaul E. Bailey’s story!

The world is shit and zombies. I kick myself time and time again for not following my aunt Winnie’s advice to prepare for the end of the world. I mean, who would have thought she wasn’t a total whack job. Too bad all her preparing was for nothing. In the end, if you didn’t get the golden ticket of immunity, you became a walking meat puppet.

Zombies don’t care about food or fancy cars, so it turns out there was no need to stockpile. What I would love to have more of, is training to add to my skillset. They’re not teaching self-defense for ladies at the community center anymore, it’s all learned in real life situations now. If you fail, you die. Obviously.

Right now for instance, I need to know how…

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Weekly Horror Story Reblogs

I made a mistake… I set up a blog without having actually written anything to go on it! D’oh!

To make up for it, while I get to work on a short of some description, I’ll be reblogging the horror stories of others that I particularly enjoy. Be sure to read and like the original posts as well as my reblog.



P.S. You’re all wankers 😘😘😘